One of our relatives has a home that we just adore.  Tons of light streams throughout, beautiful wide plank floors guide you through the home, and there are closets that we could only dream of. There is one anomaly in this lovely space, however. The upstairs hall bath is pink. Not just the walls or the bath mat and a few accessories, but EVERYTHING. The tile, the toilet, the bathtub are all a garish Pepto Bismol pink. We don’t particularly have anything against the color pink. It’s just, you know, context…and maybe a touch of moderation?

Once you get over your initial shock upon seeing it, you start to question why above-mentioned relative has chosen this color for this space. In a weaker moment that might have involved a holiday dinner and some wine, we asked. Our relative chuckled and said, ”Oh, I know it’s hideous, I just can’t face dealing with changing it. I got a few estimates once, but it just seemed like such a pain.” And so, the pink bathroom happily continues to exist and I’m sure is still a topic of conversation with all who see it.  

Most of us would love a beautiful Zen space that meets the demands of our daily life, makes us feel comfortable, that makes us feel like home every time we enter. Unfortunately, the thought of actually making changes to the spaces we live in can seem overwhelming. A home renovation project can be straight up daunting to think about. Budgets, architects, designers, contractors…oh my. Where does one even start?

Be heartened, friends. You are not alone.

Feel free to start pinning on Pinterest and beginning an idea book in Houzz. You can make this happen. Creating the home you’ve always wanted is entirely possible and, like most things in life, starts with taking the first step.

Our friend, Ileana Schinder, is a Washington, DC based architect that has very simply and succinctly broken down the process. She has a way of making it all seem attainable, and a great sense of style to boot. Look here to see her simple steps for getting clients started.

Unfortunately, there may not be the absolute, 100% perfect house out there. (In our many years of real estate, we know first hand it’s hard to find.) The great news is that you can create the home that you want.  

If you are just starting the home search or thinking about it, we are here to help you find that home.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to start the search! 

Two shining examples of recent renovations waiting to happen we have come across.